“Although I have been a manager for many years, I was surprised how much I learned about what makes business really work. I am a much better manager due to what I learned. The Certificate of Management validates my knowledge and abilities and now hangs in my office.” 
–Martin Mullins, Engineering Manager

“This program not only expanded my ability to manage by helping me understand other departments in the company and to view work from an organizational level, but it also helped me to become a better leader by understanding and focusing on the people I manage. Thank you for a great program!” 
— Frank Silva, Regional Vice President, Supply Chain Logistics Company

“The course content has changed a lot of the preconceptions I had about management. I must admit that I used to view flextime requests, for example, with some suspicion and did not realize all its benefits to the organization and its impact on employee motivation. With the formal concepts and frameworks of reference I learned, I also can now better understand and identify some management issues that I thought were personality issues in the workplace.” 
— Michel Kouadio, PhD, IT Head, Center for Distance Education, Simon Fraser University

“The program is source of practical knowledge. It helped me to understand common management principles, understand structures within my company and also the supplier relationships. It is already helping my career with insightful information that I can apply in my company. It challenged me to increase my perspective to reach beyond my engineering background. English is my second language, and I found it easy to comprehend.” 
–Walter Maranon, Aircraft Component Manufacturing Engineer

“Thanks to the UT Dallas program, I was able to take the learning experience directly to the shop floor. The curriculum is set up in such a manner that I was able to use the first several units to develop and successfully implement a strategy for improving productivity. Great experience. Great results!”  
— John Mau, Operations Manager, Commercial Printing Company