Our new Global Strategic Leadership program (GSL) is based on three pillars combining leadership and strategy formulation within a multi-cultural environment. It is also based on two key assumptions; first, to be effective in embedding successful leadership behavior requires an integrated program of learning and activities over a period of at least twelve months; and secondly, executive and cultural coaches are required to guide, motivate and ensure accountability. The program will be surrounded in a multi-cultural environment. The class itself will be comprised of senior level participants from all four countries. Hence, the class itself will be multi-cultural.

Program Contents

The GSL program will consist of a number of components delivered over a twelve month period in Dallas, China, India and Japan and integrated to achieve the desired learning outcomes. Graduates of this certificate program will join an alumni organization of Global Leadership fellows. 

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Global University Partners

The Leadership Center at UT Dallas is partnering with three world class universities in China, India and Japan.

Core University & Executive Faculty

  • Jeff Hicks, PhD
  • L. Doug Kiel, PhD
  • Padmakumar Nair, PhD
  • Marie Raines
  • Meghna Sabharwal, PhD
  • Keith Thurgood
  • Rob Hicks, PhD
  • George Friddle, Beijing
  • Plus faculty in foreign universities